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From Klinik Kembiri: Malaysia's Non-Profit Spay/Neuter Clinic

What is Spay/Neuter?

The term neutering refers to a minor operation to remove the reproductive organs of the male and female animal, while spaying is specific to female animals.

  1. Stray Animal Population Control

    Thousands of stray animals and unwanted litters face euthanasia or are suffering on the streets, please neuter your pets and help prevent this problem. Starting from 2 cats, you can end up with as many as 20,000 kittens and cats in a matter of 7 years.

    Do you have the means to care for them or to find them homes? The majority of strays cannot get sufficient food, are exposed to diseases and to the taunting and cruelty of heartless people; they often also end up maimed or dead from accidents. Don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution.
  2. Heath Benefits
    • Females
      - Decreases the risk of mammary tumors (breast cancer)
      - Eliminates the risk of uterine infections (pyometra)
      - Reduces the risk of TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour), a sexually transmitted cancer.
      - Avoid the risks of pregnancy and birth.
    • Males
      - Reduces the chances of TVT
      - Eliminates the risk of testicular cancer
      - Markedly reduces the risk of prostrate cancer, anal gland cancer

  3. 1.Behaviour Benefits
    • Reduces stress
    • Prevents wandering and roaming in search of females, which can lead to:
      - road accidents
      - fighting leading to wounds and infections
      - spread of diseases such as TVT
    • Eliminates marking of territory by urine spraying and reduces odor
    • Reduces interdog aggression.
    • Avoid embarrassing moments where dogs like to 'mount' on peoples leg.
    • Eliminate the the frantic pacing and crying while in heat.
    • Spayed and neutered pets are more relaxed, and more homely

Fatwa from JAKIM:

We have referred to the "Jawatankuasa Kemajuan Islam Malaysia" regarding the neutering of pets. Below is the "fatwa" issued by JAKIM (July 2002):

"All pets like cats and dogs are allowed to be neutered or spayed in order to maintain the health and welfare of both the animals and the community."
"Bahawa mengembiri binatang kesayangan seperti kucing atau anjing hukumnya adalah diharuskan dengan sebab-sebab tertentu iaitu bagi menjaga muslahat ummah."
After studying the messages of the aforementioned "mazhab"s and the medical viewpoint of the SPCA animal experts, 'JAKIM' has decided that neutering of cats for reasons of 'maslahat' is acceptable. It is in agreement with 'qaedah' (way) Fiqhiyyah which states "To choose the lesser of two evils".


Female Spay RM 60

Pregnant RM 70
Male Castration RM 40


Female Spay RM 90

Pregnant RM 100
Male Castration RM 60

Make an Appointment & Preparing your Pet for the Operation
  1. All spaying/neutering surgeries are by appointment only. Please call our clinic at 03-40243446 or 012-2581041 (Mr G R Krishnan).

  2. Please adhere to the following rules:

    • Your pet should be fasted from 8pm onwards the night before the surgery (applies to food and water).
    • Your pet must be in good health – sick pets will be rejected for the surgery. Please get your pet treated at a government or private clinic first.
    • Do inform us if your female pet is currently on heat or pregnant (on heat or pregnant pets will have higher risks during surgery).
    • Make sure your pet is clean– including getting the ticks/flea problem under control.
    • Cats should be brought to the clinic in carriers/cages and dogs should be leashed at all times.
    • This clinic is only for local or mixed breed pets, and the subsidized fees only apply to lower-income owners, animal rescuers and people caring for strays in their communities.

  3. On the day of surgery:

    • Come to the clinic early, preferably before noon. Although appointments are made for the day, it is a first-come first-serve basis on that particular day.
    • Register with the guard at the gate.
    • Make sure cat is secured in a carrier/cage and dog is on a leash. Dog is to be tied at the designated area.
    • Come into the Klinik Kembiri’s office area and fill in the required forms. Please inform us if your pet has been sick recently or if it is on heat/pregnant. You should clarify all enquiries before the surgery begins.
    • It is advisable to stay in the clinic area until your pet recovers from the anesthetics, before taking them home.

Post Operation Tips
  1. Take care while carrying your pet home, trying not to move or touch the operated area.
  2. Your pet may take anywhere from 1 – 3 hours before it starts to wake up from the anesthetic. During this time, it is important to place your pet in a safe, sheltered and quiet area for recovery, where it won’t not fall down and hurt itself (as your pet may not be able to balance itself yet).
  3. Place your pet on some bedding to keep them warm. Your pet may urinate/defecate while still anaesthetized, so be sure to keep them clean and dry.
  4. Offer your pet food and water only when your pet is up and able to walk properly (your pet may drown in the water bowl if it is still sleepy). Sometimes, your pet will only gain its appetite the day after the operation.
  5. During this recovery, some pets may vomit. Do not be alarmed, it is common for this occur.
  6. Confine your pet for 5-7 days after the day of surgery (if possible in a cage), to limit their activity and movement. This ensures proper healing of the wound.
  7. Check on the operated area at least once a day for the next 2 weeks. Make sure the area is always clean and dry, and the wound is not opened. If you notice any problems such as bloody discharge, pus, sudden swelling, foul smell, or opening of the wound, please contact a vet right away!
  8. Some pets may have a bandage over the operated area. You may leave it on for 3-4 days, as long as it is clean and dry. Your pet may lick the area a little, but do check that they do not lick and bite excessively.
  9. Do not bathe your pet for at least 7 days after the surgery. If your pet is dirty, wipe it with a damp towel. Please keep the incision site dry to prevent infections.
  10. You may come back to Klink Kembiri for a free post-operative check up about 2 weeks after the operation (please call us first to make sure we are open). Some pets that need their stitches removed can be done at this time.
  11. If any problem arises, please contact a vet as soon as possible.

Thank you for being a responsible pet owner!

Fasting your pet is important and your whole family should be informed and follow the rule...

My own experience:
I brought my cat to Klinik Kembiri, while waiting for my cat to be operated on, I got to know other pet owners there. One couple there, maybe in their 40s, have their 2 dogs in operation. While we were chatting, the vet came out and told them that one of their dogs had complications during surgery. The doctor asked them if anybody had fed the dog soup the night before. They denied, then the doctor continued that some of the fluids had gone into the dogs lungs, and the fluids looks and smells like Campbells mushroom soup. He went in again, and brought out part of a breathing appliance... That tube thinggie that goes down the throat to supply oxygen. True enough, it did look like mushroom soup and even had some solids there which he suspects are pieces of mushrooms. He told the couple that they doing the best they can to remove the fluids and solids... Thankfully, after about 30min of tensed waiting, the doctor came out again to say that their dog survived, but should be monitored more closely for the next 24hrs.

Feed your pet at around 7pm, then 8pm, remove all sources of food and water. This includes water from the toilet, pond, pool etc. Make sure that your children, parents, grandparents and neighbour knows that your pet is being fasted for an operation. Your pet, may beg and make pittyful sounds or behavior, but you and your family will just have to be strong. Safest way, is to isolate or confine your pet to prevent any accidents.

Map, address & contacts Link: http://www.spca.org.my/v51/klinikkembiri_location.php


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